Dear Younger ‘Me’,
Have you ever wondered if there’s MORE to life?
That there’s something BIG out there waiting for you, or you have something burning inside of you to inspire and make an impact? That was me back in 1985…
while I sat at my cubicle as a financial auditor in Portland, Oregon, working for one of the eight largest accounting firms in the world. As an outsider looking in, my life looked pretty good. Recent college graduate, Good job, New home, New Car, growing family… but I was completely empty inside. It drove me nuts waking up each morning to someone else’s schedule and going to work for someone else’s dream; being stuck in an office 12 hours a day was not the way I wanted to spend the rest of my life until I was 65…
Now, in 2020, I’m 60 years old, and I’m supposed to be just about ready for retirement, right? Unfortunately, ‘the cobbler’s kids have no shoes’. For all the advantages I started out with on my path in life, I made some bad choices along the way, and among those, I failed to plan for the future. I foolishly threw all my chances to be prepared for retirement out the window. Like Aesop’s grasshopper, I fiddled the last 40 years away, and now I am waking up to some stark cold realities.
Realities like, what I have saved for retirement is not going to support me in retirement. Another reality is that Social Security will not be sufficient to support me alone. And what about my healthcare? I am a Type II diabetic with mounting medical costs. And that’s just me…what about my wife? What about my younger children, who still depend on me for their support?
Yes, I did start some businesses over the years. Some had moments of brilliance and success, while others turned out to be very lean. As much as I enjoyed the benefits of being my own boss, I would ultimately return back to that hated cubicle to collect a paycheck until I could get back ‘out on my own’ again. I’m not going to detail all the reasons for my failures here, but as you read my blog, my ‘lessons learned’ will come shining through, both the good and the bad; the victories and the defeats.
Taking the Business Model On-Line
At the Beginning of 2012 I read a book that changed my life called The Internet Killed Network Marketing (read it here if you haven’t already). After reading that book my mind and vision to what was possible completely opened up and I started to think very differently about being an Employee vs an Entrepreneur!
I wish I would have read that book back in College but of course that wouldn’t happen because the school system is flawed and the Internet did not yet exist for us…unfortunately, back then, we were taught to be employees and drones in school rather than business owners!
In Aug 2019 network marketing found me…again. My daughter-in-law called my wife up and invited us over to her house for a business presentation….

When I got to her house, I had seen it all before…the presenter talked to us like we were seeing our first MLM opportunity for the very first time. I worked hard to stifle my yawns. To be honest I was just trying to be nice to my son and his wife, who were clearly inspired and not ditch out on their excitement, but I was Uber board being there. After seeing a short video and a really boring presentation, the presenter stopped and said, “That’s the end of the official presentation. “Now can I just share with you my vision for how we are going to work together as a team to build this business?”
She then proceeded to describe how the model we had just experienced was outdated and not the way of the future. She described a world where we build international networks, and through Internet marketing we all build worldwide organizations from the start. She described how the Internet had killed the traditional network marketing model.
Perhaps a better way to say it is how the Internet simply automated the network marketing model, and made it thousands of times better, more efficient, more effective, and you never have to join the ‘no friends left’ club ever again.
I grabbed an application form and started filling it out fast. I’m not kidding. I thought if these people are working to build what I had only dreamed of for the past seven years…I’m in!
I’ll be honest, learning the Internet side of marketing your Business is not easy but it was worth it. I took me about 6 months to really get the hang of HOW to make it all work but once I found my strategy and got committed to making it work, some really awesome things started to happen.
• I started Recruiting 1-3 New Reps Each Week (that was 25% more than what I was doing before)
• I built an online team training site for our team (I didn’t have to sit down an train one-on-one anymore) This provided great leverage for our team.
• I started to build an International Business
• I started to get more qualified prospects reaching out to me wanting to join my business
Having a good mix of Offline and Online Marketing for the team has really BOOSTED our results and as a leader in this Industry I believe it’s our job to embrace the changes in technology with Social Media being one of our biggest Networking Assets!
From 2010 to Now I’ve been exposed to many tools and courses and the ones that I recommend if you’re thinking about taking your Business Online are listed on My Tools Page if you want to check them out. It’s easier to learn from someone who’s already been down the road that you’re looking to go down!
I am so Blessed and Grateful for my Life. I’m 60 years Young and I’m becoming Free! It might take me a few years of working my Business Hard but I will soon have something that most people don’t have…..Complete Time Freedom. I will still work hard (about 2 hours a day) but I love what I do more than anything and I wouldn’t trade the ups and downs of owning my own Business and being an Entrepreneur for anything. I’ll soon replace my JOB income where I had to trade my time for dollars for a residual paycheck that grows bigger each month and I will never have to look at price tags again…..
It’s Great to meet you my New Friend.
Let me know how I can add value to you or your Business!
So why am I writing this blog? First, if I can share my life, my experiences, and lessons learned in a way that will benefit and inspire others, then I will count it a success. Second, I will be sharing my experiences in my latest entrepreneurial venture in which I invite others to join my team. If you are like me, and have been caught unprepared for retirement, then you’ll definitely want to check out what I have to offer. It may make the difference between retiring in abundance, or applying to be a greeter at Walmart.
























He is a true professional in every sense. He is one of the most connected people you will ever meet. He has high standards and can communicate with top CEO’s to the worker bee’s at entry level stations. You will be pleased with his skills and “can do” attitude. He will never be a manager, but always the leader who strives to empower those he leads. Good luck Mark. – Steve Macey


Mark Beach was very knowledgeable and professional, excellent to work with, he was able to help us out significantly. I look forward to working with him again in the future. – Louis Kelsch


Mark’s experience in a broad array of industries combined with his down-to-earth approach make his style of expertise and guidance very refreshing. – Alan Christensen




Mark Beach and I have worked on many projects, and I find him a great leader. – Jim Turpin


I have had the privilege of working with Mark on an independent consulting project. Mark has an amazing ability to bring people together and motivate toward a common goal. His level of honor and integrity is a rare find in today’s world. The leadership and commitment that Mark brings to whatever he does is unparalleled and it is a privilege to be associated with Mark. Sincerely, Glen Anderson